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November 27, 2010
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In the World of Svae by Kiqo7 In the World of Svae by Kiqo7
I DID THIS FOR YOU PYON and myself as I've only been meaning to do this for ages.

I'll come back and do a description later, I have to go get ready for a fancy dinner.

Edit: Descriptions added! Keep in mind that this is a very general/overall description. Variations of course happen. I'm also trying not to create a monster of a text wall l'D;;

Edit 2: Spelling errors fixed (lol) and updating some info. Also updated ref for the Garecans. Just moved the toe down a little and got rid of the tail as it seemed a bit silly :P

Edit 3: OH FINE GARECAS KEEP THEIR TAILS. Also updated legend stuff for the Garecas and Ricaris.

Gareca: In legend are made out of ice and earth.

Locations: They typically live along the rocky ocean shores or high up in the mountains.

Powers: Widely known for their skill in magic, they can create powerful spells. Their magic is focused on the balance between the body and the environment, and drawing power from within and around them. Dancing is a popular focus.

Ruling System: A king and queen rules, coming from the royal blood line.

Summary: Known for being; strong, proud, strong leaders, aggressive, and at times arrogant. They are currently having small scale wars against Teratas due to resource/land/dominance issues.

Human: In legend are made of clay out and fire.

Locations: All over the globe, though more in the Southern countries.

Powers: Humans are capable of magic, but not without some item to assist them. Technology is a current blend of science and magic.

Ruling System: A council of 10 is chosen to rule. They hold their positions until they retire unless: they are thrown out, they disobey the law, they chose to retire, or they pass away.

Summary: Strong curiosity, proud, with a controlling nature. Known for acting as know-it-alls, or taking roles that are larger then themselves. Currently in a time of peace and prosperity, technology is rising like never before with many new inventions being put out.

Terata: In legend are made out of air and grass.

Locations: Teratas live in the ancient forests along side mountains. Islands are also popular living areas.

Powers: Teratas are also highly developed in magic. Their magic meditative, involving manipulation of energy points around the body. Thus allowing them to create illusion spells. (eg. Change energy points around someone to give them the sense of falling, seeing things that don't actually exist, etc.) Their masks are made of an ore that allows them to see this energy.

Ruling System: A King is chosen based on vote.

Summary: Known for being calm (sometimes lazy) but at times stubborn, they prefer to keep to their own ways and rules with little change, and keeping their culture alive. Having close bonds within their communities is very important to them. Outsiders are generally not welcome unless they have earned their trust. Their communities are reclusive, even more so in current days as they have been having small scale wars against Garecas.

Quaare: In legend are made out of stone and tree sap.

Locations: They live where "Keiffer" trees grow. Quaares being originally born out of stone, the sap (which contains magical properties) allows they to live and breath like a normal being. If a Quaare wishes to live away from a Keiffer tree, they must still have the presence of the sap somewhere near them. Popular methods are carrying a small vial with them, commonly a necklace.

Powers: Quaares have a similar style of magic compared to spirits, in that they can shape shift. Unlike spirits, Quaares can only shape sift into one other form. (see second form above). In enhances them physically and their magical ability. Quaare magic is focused on earth, stone, and metal. (variations can happen).

Ruling System: Their small numbers allowing for a system of voting to be popular, though a leader is often chosen so that someone is in charge at some point.

Summary: Fun loving and care free, Quaares are known more for their parties and celebrations then their quarrels with others.

Ricari:In legend are made out of embers and moss.

Location: Wide spread throughout the globe, most common just North of the equator.

Powers: Users of magic and a degree of technology, they are adaptable and cover many fields with average skill.

Ruling System: Leaders are chosen based on wisdom and skill.

Summary: Fun loving and relaxed, Ricari are known to be welcoming to many. Also competitive, there has been a competitive streak against the Humans who are currently more advanced.

Spirit: In legend are made out of souls.

Location: Everywhere across the globe.

Powers: Spirits are shape sifters, born of highly condensed magic and energy. Their power is based on where they're magic condensed. (Water power if born in water, etc etc.) A spirit is born from an egg created by a small tangle of magic that gradually builds. They are very rare to discover.

Ruling System: None.

Summary: Not a lot is known about Spirits, due to their elusiveness. They stay out of others matters unless it directly affects themselves. Spirits are both feared and respected by other races, since they are known to be powerful but not all too kind.
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HeroRaymond Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
Again, these are so awesome.
Kiqo7 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Thank ya very kindly! <:3
applescruff Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Do the races intermix? Just curious, not planning anything, but I was wondering if a Terata could fall in love with a Quaare or something of that nature. Also, teasing from a friend has prompted the creation of a Svae-thing for you, coming soon.
Kiqo7 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
I don't think they physically can, like, create a Quaare/Terata baby. That'd be a bit strange XD But in an age were people nowadays can marry their own dog to a chair, (Yes, it has happened. I read a news article somewhere about it) I'll say yes.

!! 8'D I very much look forward to it then!
applescruff Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
No, no crossbreed kids. That's just weird. I was just wondering, because in some people's worlds you stick with your own species. Yay for inter-species love!

I have to decide on a gender for this character. Perhaps you're getting twinsies.
Kiqo7 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Ahahaha good good. XD Yes it's true, but if that restriction doesn't work in reality then I figured "Eh, well why not in this world too?"

LOL I am looking forward to this CX
goldentreefrog Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Hey soo... ADP's been pestering me and these races are very cool and I wanna create a Gareca character! But not sure I can from just the outline... Are you gonna do a more detailed reference at some point?
Also I like the idea of turning this into some sort of group project (I'd certainly be up for it!) though for various reasons I'm not sure an OCT is exactly the right way to go about it. Umm... I'd be keen to hear what you're planning in that respect.
Kiqo7 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Yup! I plan to do a sort of study page for each one! They'll be up gradually, just gotta figure out a few details.

Hurrah! :la: What I have originally planned is to create several sorter stories (for me in comic form, but writing is excellent if people so wish) about different groups of characters in different settings. I may have a bigger plot go for awhile, but for now I'm sticking with a few smaller ones. For example: ~pyonchitchi and I are currently working on ideas for a comic revolving around Dart and Suloh. (she is actually working on pages, which is amazing!) I also have an idea that I really want to go for involving the Teratas and Garecans.

Course this is all after Firewind! :D
goldentreefrog Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Ok awesome. I was talking it over with ADP before, and I just couldn't help but feel that an OCT would impose too much structure and deadlines on the whole thing. But a sort of general collaboration group where people can contribute canon works (sort of like an OCT but without the actual tournament structure) would make it a great place for people who wanted to get in on the whole Svae dealie.
Kiqo7 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Ja, I wasn't originally planning for this to be an OCT or group project anything! It was just a idea for myself that I wanted to flesh out into a comic someday. But now that people are interested in contributing to this it makes it ten times more awesome! =P
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